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We are located in Pioneer, TN at exit 144 on I75 approximately 45 minutes north of Knoxville and 20 miles from the Kentucky/TN state line. Our campground sits in a beautiful valley along the border of the North Cumberland Wildlife Management Area.  Our property lies along Stinking Creek, which gets its name from a harsh winter in 1779-1780 when many animals perished and left the area with a foul odor for months. One source claims that the name came from a sulphur spring that caused an unpleasant odor. Either way, the name stuck but the only thing you will smell is fresh, mountain air. Three miles to the south at exit 141, there are gas stations and a few food options. The nearest city is located 10 miles to the south of our exit. At exit 144 (Caryville, Jacksboro & LaFollette), you will find Walmart, grocery stores, gas, and restaurants. There are atv/utv dealers in the area should you need a part or repair.  If you want to take a break from the trails there are several options for day trips-scenic parks, rafting, and even a small water park about 30 minutes to the north. Gatlinburg and Sevierville are approximately two hours away. 

It is now legal to ride ATV/UTVs on some local roadways. Click the circle below for specific road names and rules.


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